From our long experience in HBM testing for over 20 years with various testers, we have recently developed our own tester in Thor series.  Thor 1.0 is for 2 pins test.  Thor 2.0 can test up to 64 pins while Thor 3.0 can test over 128 pins.  Moreover we have developed software named Thor Window to enhance your test operation.  You can easily create your test program through Thor Window with no limit.  The software allows you to capture wave form from various oscilloscope models for your daily verification.  We are also able to provide VI Curve Test both before and after Zap plus capture wave form while testing as optional.  However our specialize design team can customize test board according to your specific requirement.


The SCNN Zap Master Model 2 pin Zap Master Test System is used to determine the ESD susceptibility level of electronic devices from ±10V up to ±8kV using Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM). 




          Human Body Model (HBM)                                                                        Machine Model (MM).  




Low Parasitic ESD testing for characterization of ESD protection structures 

The SCNN Zap Master ESD Test System is a low parasitic 2pin tester which can be used to characterize protection structures at wafer, die or even package level. It can also be used as part of your device qualification routine, providing supplemental data to the results gathered when using an automated high pin count ESD test system. 

Testing to the latest industry standards for Human Body Model (HBM) and Machine Model (MM) waveforms. 


Consistent, Precise ESD Waveforms 

The system’s pulse source design and pulse source delivery method ensures waveform performance directly at the device under test, not at the generator output. Current waveforms can be automatically captured and analyzed for each ESD event. 

In addition, Voltage waveforms can be captured and used to determine the turn-on level of protection structures. They can also be used as a means of failure determination, as the voltage waveforms show changes after ESD events. 


Easy-to-Use Testing Operations 

The Zap Master Windows®-based software is both intuitive and comprehensive. Tests are set-up quickly, and user training requirements are minimal. Waveform captures are automatically stored in an SQL data base and can be compiled for reporting or exported for off-line manipulation. 

Define, Achieve and Sustain Your Test Objectives

The Zap Mater’s flexible, modular design and options enable you to upgrade on-site when corporate or industry standards change. Options include adding additional ESD waveform Pods and control of different oscilloscopes for waveform capture.


Reach the Next Level of Success

Experience the many benefits of working with recognized experts in the field of component reliability ESD testing. Our goal is to support you with lifelong service — from applications support, calibration services, service contracts, and field service scheduling to full technical field support. We can help you reach that next level of success.


General Specifications


Waveforms: Human Body Model (HBM) or Machine Model (MM)

ZAP Voltage: +/- 10 V to 8 kV for HBM and +/- 10 V to 1 kV for MM

ZAP Voltage Resolution: +/-1 V


Universal CDM tester

Features & Benefits

v  Supports all popular test standards: JS-002, JEDEC, ESDA, AEC, and uCDM method 

v  Field-Induced Charge Test method.

v  Stress Voltage Level: ±6 kV.

v  Quad HD camera display permits easy discharge pin alignment during set-up

v  Fully-enclosed test area.

v  Windows®-based application software

v  Software enables user to program test voltages, polarity, and delay time between pulses.

v  Sound and Lamp Alert when finish test.

v  Built in waveform current verification tools.

v  Temperature and Humidity monitor during test


Test area 4 in. x 4 in. (10.2cm x10.2cm)


Motion system x,y axis - min. step size .001” with .00025” accuracy (x,y axis - min. step size

25.4μm with 6μm accuracy) z axis - vertical travel to 1.5” with .00025” accuracy(z axis - vertical travel to 38.1mm with 6μm accuracy)


Test voltage range ±25 V to ±2000 V (±10V steps)


Temperature range Operating temperature: +40F to +125F 

(+5C to +45C)Non-operating temperature: 40F to -140F (-5C to +60C)


Humidity range 10-80% non-condensing


Dimensions 24”W x 38”D x 57”H (61cm x 97cm x 

145cm)Weight 297 lbs. (135kg)


Power Requirement 100 volt or 240 volt single phase 50/60 Hz, 1500 watts


Customer supplied Dry nitrogen: .25 scfm